Welp, this just goes to show that the so-called ‘conservatives’ running The Lincoln Project aren’t fooling anyone … especially people on the Left.

Or at least not Stephen Colbert or his cartoon news anchors.

Check out this interview with Rick Wilson (warning, it is hilariously cringe):

From Mediaite:

“We agree with you, Rick, Trump’s failures are much much worse than George W. Bush’s,” Sabo said before showing a graphic on the screen that compared the two presidents. “I mean Trump is responsible for bad deficit increases, bad corruption, bad racism, and bad countless deaths. But George W. Bush on the other hand is responsible for good deficit increases, good corruption, good racism, and good countless deaths.”

The anchors then showed a series of clips of typically liberal MSNBC hosts, guests, and correspondents lauding The Lincoln Project and their dedication to roasting Trump.

“Rick, how rewarding is it to win over the people you’ve demonized your entire career?” cartoon host Richard Ballard asked before Sabo pointed out Wilson’s past tweets that disparaged liberals, Muslims, and the LGBTQ+ community.


Sorry, Will misspelled ‘painful.’

Nobody needs Trump to win more than Rick Wilson does.



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