Brit Hume has been sharing some pretty spectacular threads from Alex Berenson over the past few months, who has been one of if not the most vocal opponents to the draconian ‘lockdown’ solutions far too many governments have been putting in place to combat COVID.

Interesting how case numbers start magically climbing just as we see an improvement in the economy and are talking about kids going back to school in the fall, both of which would be huge wins for Trump. (adjusts tinfoil)

Alex said it far better in a thread:

How do you combat an ‘enemy’ that doesn’t care if they destroy the very country they’re fighting to take over?

Ugh, seeing it all in black and white is not making us feel better.



He’s right.

And let’s be honest, the Left does indeed seem to focus on Russia … a lot.

The Left can rarely see the big picture because they think a lot like children. They want their way and they want it right now even if it’s wrong and could totally destroy everything around them.


The solution is worse than the problem.



He’s right.

Scary times indeed.

They hate Trump enough to destroy the country and her people. Not EVEN being melodramatic.



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