Tucker Carlson writer Blake Neff resigned after it was discovered he had been posting racist, sexist, and homophobic comments under a pseudonym.

From the LA Times:

Blake Neff, a writer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” has resigned from the top-rated Fox News show amid reports he posted racist, sexist and homophobic comments to an online forum under a pseudonym.

According to a report from CNN, Neff has been posting in AutoAdmit, an online forum also known as Xoxohth, a largely unregulated message board for law school students. Using the pseudonym CharlesXII, an apparent reference to the late Swedish king known for his military leadership and abstemious personal life, Neff shared an array of bigoted opinions on Black and Asian people, the Mormon church and immigrants.

And hey, Fox News even condemned what he wrote.

Fascinating how quickly conservative-leaning outlets cave … unlike left-leaning outlets, say like MSNBC.

Matt Walsh actually said it far better.

It was a little bumpy for Joy after those homophobic comments were discovered on her blog, but all she had to do was blame time-traveling hackers and it all went away.

Heck, MSNBC just made her their evening anchor.

Excellent point.


He must be over the target, yup.


Sad, ain’t it?



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