In case you haven’t already seen the stupidest thing online today …

It’s like USA Today wants to give CNN a run for its ‘garbage outlet’ money.

From USA Today:

President Donald Trump’s campaign website recently unveiled a T-shirt that has come under fire because of design similarities between its logo and a Nazi symbol.

The similarity was first noticed, according to Forward, by two Twitter accounts, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, described as a Jewish progressive group, and the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group formed by Republicans.

“The President of the United States is campaigning for reelection with a Nazi symbol. Again,” Bend the Arc tweeted on July 1.

Several Facebook posts have noted the similarities, as well. One user noted, “Trump is now selling straight up nazi propaganda shirts.”

Annnnnnnd then they had to make a clarification:

Ya’ don’t say?!






This is an insult to clowns everywhere.

A suicide at that.



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