Trump could cure COVID, cancer, and every other disease on the planet and Joy Reid would find a way to complain about it.

Ok, to be fair, most every troglodyte in traditional media acts the same way when it comes to hating the president but between Jake Tapper’s melodramatic misstep claiming ‘if ONLY Trump had worn a mask sooner’ and Joy critiquing the way Trump actually wore it … yeah.

And to think we didn’t think they could get any dumber.



When he first entered the building he had it over his nose, he probably pulled it down TO BREATHE because the damn things make people miserable but you know, Joy has to complain because that’s why MSNBC pays her the big bucks.

They’re always mad.

It’s never good enough.

Yup, it’s exhausting.

Where were Joy’s tweets shrieking about how Sleepy Joe was wearing his mask the wrong way? Probably in the same place as those time-traveling hackers who posted all of those homophobic things on her blog.


Because wearing a mask sucks.

Yes, her viewers are too dumb to remember that.

And yes, she is fake news.

Joy is very joyless.

If they didn’t have double standards these yahoos wouldn’t have any standards at all.



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