Laurence Tribe trashing a woman and belittling her degree … all because he disagrees with her politically.

Stay classy, Larry.

Can you imagine the fit the Left would have thrown if some talking head snob had said this about Obama’s female press secretary? Oh, wait, Obama only appointed men … never mind.

Look at this crap:


Ted Cruz, who also went to Harvard, chimed in.

We’re embarrassed for Larry just reading his tweet.

You’d think, but looking at the responses on Laurence’s tweet the misogyny was just getting started.

Look at these people:

Ugly stuff, right?

Because she wasn’t smart enough to earn her degree herself.

They really think this way.

Keep in mind, Harvard accepted David Hogg of all people but somehow they should be ashamed of Kayleigh.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Considering they took Hogg …

Remind us again which party is filled with sexist a-holes again?




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