The number of experts and politicians who didn’t know about viruses before COVID is astonishing. Were they not aware viruses are contagious? That people get sick? That we’re not actually immortal and can die?


It’s gone from ‘we need to flatten the curve’ to OMG NO ONE MUST EVER GET SICK AGAIN!!!


So stupid.

And our country and her people are suffering far more from the ‘solution’ than they are the virus at this point.

Ben Shapiro penned a pretty epic thread on the reaction we’re seeing even now:

Apparently we should just sit around at home wearing hazmat suits, watching Netflix, and getting fat. Did you guys hear the panic about how the virus is airborne? Ummm … duh. Haven’t we known that all along?

Considering CA has had some of the most stringent rules and the longest lockdowns it’s fascinating how they’re spiking.

Unless, of course, they want to admit allowing thousands and thousands of people to protest because fighting racism was more important than fighting the virus?

Oops, we’re not supposed to talk about that, our bad.


Being locked indoors for months on end isn’t good for human beings?


Ok, not really.

Time to get back to normal, America, because even when we do what ‘they’ tell us (they said protesting was AOK), the virus is still infecting people and there may never be a vaccine that completely stops it. And it wouldn’t be the first virus that we’ve seen that a vaccine doesn’t always ‘stop.’ Millions take the flu vaccine and tens of thousands still die from that virus, every year.

Not heartless, just realistic.




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