Awww, look at Sandy trying to cancel Goya Foods because they don’t hate the president. Granted, she’s hardly original in her attack on the company that has given millions of dollars and tons of food to food banks and coronavirus victims but she’s likely one of the loudest.

And definitely the most annoying.

And then not an hour later after she tried canceling the company, she started babbling about how there is no cancel culture:


So if you don’t want the mob to get you fired for your opinions you’re entitled? Is this like how not wanting to be robbed or raped is being entitled? Remember when the Left said that?

It’s hard to believe she’s really this dense but you know what … she really is.

Only someone as entitled as AOC would write such a thread.

Truly evil.

It is VERY real and anyone who can tweet about how it’s not is actually entitled.




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