We are watching media and the Left work overtime to convince the Right that Trump is going to lose to Biden and that he might as well give up now because it’s just THAT BAD. Even S.E. Cupp babbled about how she doesn’t think Trump wants a second term.

It’s pretty easy to get bogged down in the doom and gloom on Twitter, especially when so many people on the Right are bailing for Parler.

This thread from Brian Cates is the thread the Right needs … well, right now.

It’s long but worth your time:

No ground game.

Think about 2016 with Hillary … he’s right, it was much different.

Polls are indeed worthless.

But that doesn’t seem to stop the naysayers and doom and gloomers from pointing at them and saying, ‘SEE, TRUMP BAD!’

This is true.

They’re nuts.

Even conservatives who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump in 2016 (like this editor) can see the Left is freakin’ nuts and even dangerous at this point.

Let’s hope so.

Welcome to 2020!

We actually see it shrinking.

But boy howdy, they’re still freakin’ loud.

Trump definitely appealed to blue-collar workers especially.


Excellent point.


Right? Maybe he can tackle that in his next four years.



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