Welp, it’s happened.

One of Twitter’s algorithms has been found out … and it’s hilarious.

Apparently, if you tweet the words ‘frequency’ and ‘oxygen’ together Twitter will tag your tweet with, ‘Get the facts about COVID-19,’ which takes people to an article about 5G not causing COVID.

We know, it’s silly.

For whatever reason it doesn’t show up in WP but here’s a screenshot so you can see what they’re doing:

And now that tweeps are onto Twitter, they are tweeting all sorts of things to trigger it:

Here are a BUNCH:

But there is a loophole!

Whoa, science.

Who knew?

PS: Yes, we included oxygen and frequency in our headline to see if they’d tag us as well … 

PPS: We think they’re onto us as they didn’t tag us and the algorithm seems to have stopped working. 



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