Watching Nancy Pelosi babbling about negotiating with the president and brushing off the politics behind why Democrats blocked even debating Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill is like watching a driver in the left lane going slow with their blinker on.

She was really really really trying to push some BS today, folks. Our favorite was when she claimed Trump called COVID a hoax, which has been debunked about a million times, even by Snopes.

So either she’s forgetful like Joe OR a liar … like Joe.

Watch (since she’s no longer live you will have to tap the little feed at the bottom):

She is just obnoxious and ridiculous.

And pretending she wants to work across the aisle while Democrats blatantly block any and all efforts from Republicans on justice reform.

What a disaster she is … when they claim Trump babbles they ignore how absolutely lost this woman is when she tries to answer questions from the press.

Democrats are willing to tank the country to get their power back.

Sorry, not sorry.

What he said.

They couldn’t do that, silly. Then they’d have to admit Republicans care about justice reform as much as if not more than they do. No no, instead they need to pretend they are the ones who led the way, and their vapid base will eat it up.

Truth hurts.



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