You know those headlines/articles you see passing through your feed where you stop for a minute and think to yourself, ‘You’ve gotta be SH*TTING me’?

Yup, this article and headline from the Washington Post fits just that bill.

Take a look:

Analysis: New research explores how WaPo is full of crap.

From WaPo:

The end result, according to one of the studies, is that infection and mortality rates are higher in places where one pundit who initially downplayed the severity of the pandemic — Fox News’s Sean Hannity — reaches the largest audiences.

“We are receiving an incredible number of studies and solid data showing that consuming far-right media and social media content was strongly associated with low concern about the virus at the onset of the pandemic,” said Irene Pasquetto, chief editor of the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review which published one of the studies.



These jagoffs have been trying to blame Hannity for COVID deaths for months … even though they themselves likely were a problem very early on. Take a look at this shot and chaser:

Gosh, it would seem WaPo telling people not to worry about COVID at the beginning of February would have done more damage than Hannity but hey, what do we know?

This. So much this.

Right? New York is YUGE for Conservative media.



Gotta love the media.

Or not.



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