Twitter Safety placed a ‘public interest notice’ on Trump’s tweet basically telling criminals he would not tolerate an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in D.C. and that if they tried they would be met with force. Because how dare Trump defend the city from a bunch of looting morons who tear down statues of abolitionists because they think bronze is racist.

Everything is stupid.

Since they placed this notice on Trump’s tweet people cannot share, retweet, or respond to it … so we grabbed a screenshot:

The president apparently isn’t allowed to tweet such things, but that jacka*s who tormented a woman on video because she flipped him off, that tweet is still perfectly fine on their platform.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads they’d get stuck there. And maybe Twitter missed it but the Autonomous Zone in Seattle is dangerous, violent, and even their liberal mayor wants it ‘vacated,’ but sure, Trump is the bad guy here.

More on how they never do this to Democrats or the Resistance.

No thanks.

This is why they don’t want anyone being able to share it … so make sure you share it with this story or the screenshot.

Wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

Twitter, this just sucks.



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