This, right here, is what social media is doing to our society. Sure, we can stay connected all around the world 24/7, but we can also weaponize it to hurt someone when we feel slighted. Karlos Dillard (which may or may not be his name since he’s not verified) saw fit to follow this woman home and harass her because he claims she flipped him off and called him the n-word. None of which of course he has on the video … all he has is a woman, crying and terrified for her life.

She could very well be harmed because of this video.

Which is why we’re not including it in this piece BUT we’ll share his tweet:

If flipping people off in traffic is cause for cancel culture … yikes.

We just feel immensely sorry for her and if you see the video you will as well.

What was he really trying to accomplish here? Shame? Fame? Clicks and taps?

131k ‘likes’ on this video.


Karlos doesn’t seem overly concerned with anyone other than himself and pushing a divisive narrative.

Good times.

Yeah, we’d like to see proof of her calling him a slur.


This is cancel culture on steroids.

They have become the bullies.

Beyond despicable.


Suppose if Karlos’ goal was to get attention he succeeded.

But not in a good way.



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