America doesn’t need wishy-washy doctors who say one thing then contradict themselves a few weeks later, especially when it comes to a pandemic.

Sorry, not sorry, Dr. Fauci.

We appreciate that for whatever reason Trump saw fit to listen to Fauci but at this point, we’re starting to get the idea that he really is flying by the seat of his pants and terrifying the country in doing so. It’s time for our leaders to listen to a few other experts, like Dr. David Samadi.

Samadi wrote a series of pretty kick-a*s tweets about COVID and the reality of the virus in the world and in our country:

In other words, the virus was likely in our country long before the lockdowns, basically proving said lockdowns were a waste of time and money.

He continued:

But we were told reopening the country would cause a SECOND WAVE and we’re all gonna DIE!

Wait, sorry, only red states were told that.

The media definitely want Americans angry, hopeless, and afraid.

Or at least it feels that way.

What he said.

Absolutely not.

Americans will NOT go back into lockdown.

Because they want to use this virus to hurt Trump.

It’s the truth.

We are a free nation.

Be smart, be cautious, keep good hygiene.

This virus doesn’t need to cost us our freedoms.


Americans are tired of Fauci.

Well, unless you’re rooting for the virus because it could hurt Trump’s chances in November.

Ding ding ding.

Nailed it.

Trump, listen to this guy.




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