Someone might wanna get some aloe for CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto because this tweet from Janice Dean on how they gave Gov. Cuomo a pass on thousands of nursing home deaths is a serious burn.

CNN never fails to disappoint.

You’d think considering NY accounts for 25% of the TOTAL deaths in the country and leads in nursing home deaths (6,000+!) that CNN might want to ask the governor about that … but no. They were more focused on other things, or at least that’s what a very defensive Jim Sciutto said when he responded:

Pressed him.


‘As journalists, we press officials of both parties every day.’

Wow, is that ever a load of crap.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know.

CNN is gonna CNN.

Janice fired back:

Right? His use of dashes, while he tried to brag about what they ‘pressed’ Cuomo on, was impressive.

She continued.

CNN isn’t worried about breaking new ground, they’re only worried about their narrative.

You know, the ‘orange man bad’ narrative.


*crickets again*

But he used a whole bunch of dashes on Twitter! That’s proof they really ‘pressed’ Cuomo!




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