Kayleigh McEnany is unshakeable.

We don’t often use the term ‘beast mode’ but yeah … she continues to earn it doing these pressers in the lion’s den.

She shuts them down over, and over, and over again, and with a smile.


She came out swinging about violence in Democratic cities over the weekend that the media doesn’t seem all that concerned about covering.

Give ’em Hell, Kayleigh.

That. ^

Oh, and about the Tulsa rally:

The most ‘pressing’ question the media seemed to have for Kayleigh today was about Kung Flu and whether or not it was racist to use it. In fact, four different ‘journalists’ asked her about it and each and every time she shut them down, even when they tried arguing with her about it.

Watch this:


It’s all so exhausting.

Hilarious and not in a good way.

PS: 7.7 million people watched Trump’s rally on Fox News. Have a nice day.



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