We get it. Vox is gonna Vox but c’mon … really with this? Aaron Rupar wrote an impressively stupid and embarrassing thread ‘covering’ Trump’s rally speech, except he got a lot of stuff wrong because he cared more about his own ‘edgy’ narrative than what was actually being said by the president.

Like his claim that Trump defended the Confederacy.


Womp-womp, Aaron, that there is FAKE NEWS.

Then again, maybe Aaron missed it but they’re tearing down plenty of statues and monuments that have nothing to do with the Confederacy but hey … ORANGE MAN BAD.

But he said statues! Monuments! THAT’S RACIST, Adam. Duh.

Oh wait, it’s not.

And Aaron’s a twit.

Never mind.

Don’t you understand?!?! STATUES MUST GO!

It’s the only way to end racism.

Or something.

Crap, we dunno.

Big time.

We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box, folks.

But you knew that.



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