So edgy hating on the police.


We suppose HuffPo has to do their part in crapping all over law enforcement since that’s the new narrative going around. Hey, we’re fine with changing the news cycle because we are SO DAMN SICK of talking about the virus that was a country killer until the Left decided they wanted to protest and stuff.

Hey, full transparency.

From HuffPo (sorry!):

Over the past week, protests have broken out nationwide over police brutality, the targeting of Black people and the lack of accountability for these actions.

The death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers last week ignited the furor, but the anger goes far beyond that one incident. At the heart of the debate is whether the police have too much power and commit acts of discrimination and violence with impunity. The word of the police is given the ultimate weight and authority in a dispute.

The police have been out in full force responding to the anti-racist protests. And their overwhelming response to the accusations of violence and unchecked power has been more violence and unchecked power.

Unchecked power.


Richard Grenell was less than impressed with her piece.

Like journalism.


Fair point.

Only certain groups.


But we thought it was worse under Trump.




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