Look at these people.

Pushing their spin knowing it could get people hurt but not caring because as long as it makes Trump look bad that’s all that really matters.

Petty and sneaky …

She knows people likely didn’t watch and will want to believe any horrible thing they claim Trump said.


Context goes a long way here for Trump, and they know that which is why they leave it out. Was it a great quote? Eh. Was it as Earth-shatteringly bad as the media want you to think it was? No.

Jerry Dunleavy posted the full transcript:

Talk about taking something completely out of context to spin it for your ugly narrative.

They should be ashamed.

But we know they won’t be because this is their bread and butter.

We used to think that way BUT it’s so prevalent that we’d only be shocked if they told the truth.

Never believe the media.


Sad it’s come to that, ain’t it?



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