Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whining about ‘injustices’ for people who have been rioting and setting fire to her city is just so AOC … you know? Americans have been locked down for months, and injustices have been compounding in a BIG WAY supposedly for our own safety … and she was quiet.

Her tweet about people getting injured in these riots (because in NYC they’re far from peaceful) and being afraid to go get medical help because they lost their insurance DUE TO THE LOCKDOWN may be her most tone-deaf yet.

Newly uninsured because the government took their jobs from them.

But wait, it gets dumber:

Way to totally show you don’t understand anything, AOC.

So she’s upset that people arrested for setting fires, stealing, and assaulting innocent people are being detained for over 24 hours. Funny, we didn’t see her championing the people who were protesting the lockdowns that were literally dismantling our rights.

Bummer, right?

Divided we fall.

Oh yes, yes she CAN be this dumb.

Trust us, we’ve been writing about her for a few years now, we know.

But you know, it’s mean to put those people who literally burned buildings DOWN in jail.

She’s like a dim yellow bulb with a bunch of moths buzzing around her.



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