Jim Acosta was once again clutching his little pearls, this time over the seating at today’s Trump presser …

He was almost as upset with this seating arrangement as he was with the soldier having lunch near the White House. But luckily, for Jim, Jon Karl stepped up his ‘Karen’ game and tattled to the world about the WH’s ‘flagrant violation of CDC guidelines.’

Oddly enough, we don’t see Jon b*tching about protesters standing or sitting too close to one another.

Only Jon could make Jim seem less whiny.

Violation? What?

Ok, maybe the male version of Karen is Jon.

These guys just keep accidentally giving us alternatives … heh.

They can always MOVE, right?


How long ya’ got?

Not that we’re seeing.


We missed them too.

It’ll take some time.

With no real punchline.




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