The media has once again made THEMSELVES the story.

Isn’t that the way it’s been since 2016?

Just today, we watched them take Trump’s George Floyd quote, which admittedly wasn’t the best, completely out of context to claim the president was saying Floyd would be happy about employment numbers. Yeah, if we hadn’t seen them try and pull it we’d never believe it …

And yet, here we are.

AG was good enough to take the entire misquote and the media apart in a thread:


Media completely took him out of context in a blatantly obnoxious fashion.

Clicks and taps, my man.

That’s all they care about, and their readers LOVE themselves some Trump hate.

It’s like watching the lie about him calling Nazis ‘very fine people’ or saying he claimed COVID was a hoax … it’s just not true. But the media don’t care, and they will run with whatever they think will please the rage-donkeys that read their drivel.

You watch, this will be another talking point idiots bring up when debating on Twitter.


We know.

Call ’em out.

FFS, Jake.


Like wildfire.

And media wonder why we nobody trusts them anymore.



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