The irony of Governor ‘Put COVID-infected People Into Nursing Homes’ Cuomo of lecturing others about how wearing a mask is the right thing to do.

No, governor, protecting the elderly and our most vulnerable is the right thing to do, and you failed miserably at it. It’s no coincidence New York accounts for 1 in four American deaths from the COVID virus.

Janice Dean, whose husband lost both his parents to the virus in a nursing home in New York, just absolutely NUKED him:

Get him, Janice.

And when you’re done getting him, get him some more.

Cuomo was trying to blame the nursing homes for the nursing home deaths the last time we looked.

Yeah, he’s a real sweetie.

Thanks for the refresher, save us from having to write it all out.


Cuomo, Whitmer, Northam … any governor who put very sick people into homes filled with very vulnerable people.


Indeed we do.



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