Now, why oh why would Virginia Senator Mark Warner want to stop Richard Grenell from declassifying unmasking requests around the Flynn case? Gosh, you’d think he’d want some sort of justice and transparency for General Flynn, especially when we’ve seen everything the Deep State put him through because ‘orange man bad.’ But for whatever reason, Warner didn’t want the requests declassified.

Grenell being the total bada*s he is, turned him down of course.

Catherine Herridge was good enough to share the correspondence:

We find it puzzling as well.

We love the closing paragraph:

Lastly, I should add, I gladly would have discussed this and other intelligence matters with you directly had you not chosen to cancel our planned call and then ignored subsequent requests by my office to reschedule.

Warner has been running from Grenell.


We would too.

Definite clown show here in Virginia.


Right? There are some strange connections with Warner and the Steele dossier … just sayin’.

That he does.

Warner can run, but he can’t hide.



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