Governor Ralph Northam sucks.

But you knew that.

After being caught over the weekend at Virginia Beach without a mask and clearly standing closer than six feet to others, Northam had the audacity to stand up during his press conference today and tell Virginians he will be mandating they wear masks in public starting this Friday.

This editor actually sat through most of his press conference today and when asked whether or not he’s been COVID tested he said no.


Months this jackwagon has spent talking about how important testing is … and he has not been TESTED.

He stood next to people at the beach with no mask, and he has not been tested.


From what we’re seeing on Twitter and in social media, lots and lots of Virginians are not going to comply.

Especially when he himself couldn’t even abide by his own guidelines.

This is an insult to idiots everywhere.

Wow, Governor Northam, this did not go over well.

Like, at all.

Maybe rethink this? You’ve got a couple of days …



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