We had to check three times for the little blue checkmark but YES, this is from the real Shaun King. Seems he’s had an epiphany of sorts watching Georgia Republicans actually give a damn about Ahmaud Arbery’s death while Kentucky Democrats did very little for Breona Taylor.

He’s not exactly been ‘red-pilled’ here but his thread is fascinating.

Take a look:

It’s almost like Republicans aren’t evil racists.

Huh, who knew?

It’s almost like Democrats take minorities for granted.

Huh, who knew?

Orange man bad? No?


Painful? Not if you’re a Republican. Painful is watching uninformed harpies screech about how racist Republicans are because that’s what the do-nothing Democrats are telling them.

Until people like Shaun stop voting for and supporting Democrats, they’re not going to do anything differently. Democrats believe they own the black vote, the woman vote, the gay vote … so they don’t really try. Sorry, not sorry.


Let’s hope so.



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