When we originally saw this clip of Joe Biden telling a black man he wasn’t black if he wasn’t voting for him we thought there was NO WAY it could be real. NOBODY is that stupid or horrible, right? Especially not if that person wants to run for president.

But then we saw Bret Baier tweet about it and welp …

Here it is.

It IS disgusting.

And it’s REAL.

Here is the full video:

Hey, Biden is a Democrat. This is who they are and this is what they do. They assume black Americans (and women, minorities, LGBTQ, those with disabilities, etc.) will vote for them no matter what, so they don’t really even try when they’re talking to and engaging with them. Clearly, Biden thinks he’s this man’s ‘bro,’ and can get real with him.

Or something.

When in reality it’s one of the most horrible, cringy damn things we’ve ever seen.

Sort of reminds us of that whole, ‘they’re gonna put you all back in chains’ quote.

Oh, Joe … dude. WOW.

He just made Trump a campaign ad for free.



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