Bot or not, you decide.

At this point, we’re pretty sure the Jennifer Rubin ‘bot’ is more conservative than the real thing. Calling Nancy Pelosi a national treasure? Really?

Piles of dirt across the country are cheering because FINALLY someone, somewhere is dumber than they are.

That Botox has GOT to be hardening at this point.

Excellent question.

Eeeew … and yet, accurate.

They’ve completely lost any and all high ground they ever had.

But hey, you do YOU, Jennifer.



He’s RIGHT, you know –> Ben Shapiro shares big stories in the ‘real world’ versus big stories in Twitterland and LOL

‘America FIRST!’ Trump DECIMATES Dr. Tedros, the WHO, and China in brutal letter detailing ALL of their failures

WOW, in her OWN words even! S.E. Cupp ‘ends the suspense’ and admits she’s a TDS-infected, Pelosi supporting, flaming hypocrite

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