It’s official.

Tom Nichols has become nothing more than a blue-check, s**t-posting troll. Sorry, not sorry. He behaves much like other accounts who say horrible things in the hope they will get some sort of traction or attention … any type of attention will do. Even if it’s negative.

For example, what was he thinking here?! Does he think it’s funny that tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are terrified that if they don’t get back to ‘living’ soon there will be nothing to go back to? We suppose he’s still getting some sort of paycheck sitting around posting this garbage on Twitter so what does he care?

Interesting idea.


Because that totally SCREAMS conserving conservatism, Tom.

There ya’ go.

Seems fair.

Sorry but we’re pretty sure the ‘sanctimonious jerk’ part is sort of baked in with Tom.



LA Times too busy b*tching about Electoral College to cover their mayor literally SHUTTING WATER OFF to underserved communities

Nothing to see here, just a coordinated attack on a journalist by Dems because they HATE that CBS is covering #ObamaGate

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