Psst … LA Times.

Your mayor is a fascist a-hole.

Just thought you should know.

From the LA Times:

Twice in the recent past the electoral college has installed in the White House candidates who lost the national popular vote. That’s why this editorial page has called for its abolition. As a stopgap measure, we also have supported California’s decision to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in which participating states pledge to award their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. (The compact wouldn’t go into effect until it included enough states to constitute a majority of 270 electoral votes.)

The electoral college is a blot on American democracy. But allowing electors to disregard their states’ popular vote would make the system even less democratic.

Because you know, THIS is what’s important during a pandemic when their power-hungry, fascist mayor is literally shutting the water off to underserved communities to teach them a lesson.

And what’s the deal with using a picture of Kavanaugh? Wha?


That’s all they care about. Power.

Seriously. When a mayor ‘punishes’ people by taking their water AWAY from them? Yeah, we don’t want that crap anywhere else in this country.

And not a funny one.



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