Patricia Heaton expects people to act like rational adults when it comes to being able to protect the vulnerable from COVID while reopening the economy and putting millions (tens of millions) of Americans back to work.

We’d agree with her if we hadn’t spent nearly a decade covering the Left, the Resistance, the Karen’s, and the scolds, who live and breathe to shriek, pound their chests, voice their outrage, and be super annoying d-bags in general.

It’s sort of their thing.

Heaton is right in her tweet though:

Heaton is lovely AND brilliant. But you knew that.



Once the virus was politicized it stopped being about one ‘people’ fighting a virus and started being about two opposing sides trying to own one another which is sadly exactly what Democrats and the Left want in an election year.

It’s all about the votes.

It’s all about the power.

And anyone claiming otherwise is full of bologna.



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