Once again we have been perusing Brit Hume’s timeline, and once again we came across a nugget he shared from Phil Kerpen about a BBC investigation that shows the models used for justifying lockdowns were ‘garbage’ and how deaths from said lockdowns on pace to even exceed the virus.

As Aaron Ginn says in his tweet, the video is freakin’ depressing BUT worth a watch:

Their solution to COVID was more dangerous than the virus itself.

And continues to be so in many states refusing to reopen.

Whoda thunk that robbing tens of millions of people of their jobs, telling them they can’t leave their homes, and banning nonemergent care could be so deadly? Oh, that’s right, everyone who opposed these lockdowns as early as two weeks IN.


And many of us are still locked down.


This is not going to reflect well on any so-called ‘scientific’ models going forward.

Not at all.



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