Brian Stelter finally got what he’s so painfully and cringingly been pining for, Trump’s attention. It only took him nearly four years of whining, preening, pointing fingers, and being an annoying jack-wad, in general, to make it happen but he DID IT.

Way to go, Tater.

All the kudos.

You’ve got yourself a new nickname:

Poor man’s lapdog for AT&T.


It’s funny because it’s true.

Brian tried to pretend it didn’t bother him:

And he says the ‘attack’ barely generated any attention but we see 20k comments on that tweet with nearly 50k ‘likes’ sooooo Tater is wrong again. But hey, if he wants to talk about barely generating any attention maybe he should take a look at his tweet or his silly newsletter.

His buddy tried making him feel better:

But eh.

Or we imagine someone will come up with one.

Tater and his buddy Basta.


He is truly his own worst enemy.



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