You know when Jerry the Angry Gnome Nadler and Adam Schiff for Brains are OUTRAGED and shaking their silly little fists at the sky that something has spooked them, and clearly they are not happy with the Justice Department dropping the case against Flynn. These two sacks of monkey crap have been nothing but a thorn in the side of this country since Trump won in 2016 because they’ve done nothing but try and unseat the duly and legally elected president.

At whatever cost.

All you need to do to know they’re really sweatin’ right now is to look at how they reacted when the news broke on Flynn yesterday.

Jerry …

Remember when Nadler said the evidence against Trump was super-duper during the impeachment hearings? We’re not sure ol’ Jer-Bear knows what evidence really looks like. Maybe if he’d wear a pair of pants that actually fit him he’d be able to think more clearly.

What he said.

Kimberley Strassel decimated Nads-ler (yes, yes we are going to come up with as many nicknames for the guy as we can):

To repeat …


Oh, she also blasted Adam Schiff-head who was equally as annoying and whiny.

Democrats worry about people being strongarmed by cops into guilty pleas — until the victim is someone Ds want to jail for political benefit.

Terrifying and accurate, all in one.

This is going to be so much FUN, y’all.



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