Shortly after the news broke about Flynn yesterday, Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes promised to write something stupid about the decision and luckily for all of us, Byron York took one for the team and read it.

He was also good enough to take the basis of their entire argument apart:

The whole piece from the Lawfare blog is just a hot mess of awful and angry but this paragraph, in particular, is really bad:

As astonishing as the motion is, it does not come out of nowhere. Van Grack is only the latest of Mueller’s prosecutors to withdraw from a case seemingly in light of mishandling by the Justice Department under Barr: In February 2020, all four assistant U.S. attorneys prosecuting Roger Stone removed themselves from the case on the same day that the department filed a sentencing memo undercutting their work. U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham, selected by Barr to conduct an ambiguous “review” of the Mueller investigation, continues his work. A year after the public release of the Mueller report, Barr has yet to give up on his project of dismantling the investigation—even in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

So instead of orange man bad, orange man’s AG bad!


We’re going to go with no, no he did not.

Ooh, ooh, we know! And it rhymes with Raw-Pear.


And they should be.



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