This is one of those social media ‘things’ where you look at and think to yourself, ‘This is just so sh*tty.’

We get it, media, you hate Trump and by extension, Mike Pence, but pretending this ridiculousness is a story without doing the least bit of due diligence is really just pathetic.

From using fake footage of hospitals to fake testing sites to using footage of a gun range to claim Syrians were at war, the media have done themselves no favors in the past four years.

Look at this horse crap:

Look at all the people who liked it.


And it’s fake.

All the morons pushing this fake story had to do was watch the entire video.

But naaah, it was more fun to pretend Pence only did this for a photo op.

Of course, he did.

Like his buddy Rick Wilson, Tom has had a rough couple of days.

You know they were SO EXCITED to see this.

To believe this.

Sad, small, little people they are.

And the media wonder why people hate them.

Julio Rosas was good enough to compile screenshots of media troglodytes pushing this garbage:


Kimmel tried deleting it.

Nice try, chump.



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