CNN just keeps on CNN’ing.

Especially Oliver Darcy. Man, we thought Brian Stelter was annoying but Oliver is starting to give him a run for his ‘Hall Monitor’ money.

JD Rucker, who runs NOQ Report, which is another small conservative-leaning outlet, blasted Darcy for his petty article (and he took CNN apart in the process as well):

We tend to link to CNN a lot. Granted, it’s usually to make fun of them but still …

Yes. The talking heads (pundits?) at CNN really struggle with right-leaning outlets doing well in any regard and to JD’s point, we really do think it stems from jealousy. Too bad CNN can’t seem to figure out that trashing these networks doesn’t actually do anything to help them.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


Their ratings are crap.

Ahem. Orange man bad.


‘Nuff said.



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