Poor Rick Wilson. First Facebook fact-checks The Lincoln Project’s crap ‘Mourning in America’ Trump-ad and then the Justice Department drops the case against Flynn.

It certainly does seem to be raining crap all over the King of Never Trump.

All of that being said, he’s probably handling it all pretty well, right?

Guess not.


A TWOFER! All we need is a follow-up tweet from Jennifer Rubin weeping and accusing Trump of killing eleventy billion people and we’d have a hat trick.

C’mon, he has to know with how smug and awful they’ve all been over the last FOUR YEARS that people would come by to rub salt in his wounds.

This couldn’t have surprised him.

Dude, bad visual.


Not sensing a whole lot of sympathy here, Rick.

Just sayin’.

Worse? Only for Rick and his gaggle of Never Trumpers.



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