Terrence K. Williams and several other Trump-supporting comedians are putting on a show on Saturday, May 9.

We’ll let Terrence himself tell you all about it:

Sounds fun, right?

Welp, for whatever reason, ‘Never Was’ Christopher Titus got his panties all knotted up over the idea of right-wing comedians doing a show and attacked Terrence. We’d say Titus is bored because of the shutdown but it’s not like the guy has been doing a whole lot other than trolling people on Twitter before the virus.

We had to Google Christopher Titus.

We did not have to Google Terrence K. Williams.

True story.

As we said, Titus really is just another blue-check troll who gets his ego stroked by frothy-mouthed, shrieking Trump-haters.

Terrence shot back:

Titus walked right into that one.

And a bunch more:

If Titus was trying to prove how truly unknown he really is WHILE helping Terrence promote his show and garner a good deal of attention and free marketing, he succeeded.

For once.



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