It’s official.

Fox News’ biggest fan is Brian Stelter.

And by ‘biggest fan’ we mean he has an almost stalker-esque obsession with the outlet that continues to dominate in the ratings. You’d think he’d spend more time trying to figure out why CNN sucks so much and perhaps try to fix that but nope.

For example, how could he not have known Greg Gutfeld was being funny here?

Just more evidence that our favorite Hall Monitor has zero sense of humor.

And neither does this David guy from NPR.

Oooh, so edgy! They sure put Greg in his place.

Or not.

Bald kid … HA HA HA HA

People. Just don’t.



Then this NPR guy (who has this editor blocked!) jumped in:

Oooh, watchdog.

And guess how this went over:


True story.

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.

Brian responded:


Nice try, PO-TAY-TOE.



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