Hey, look! An awesome thread from a different Hume:

This is lengthy and SUPER smart and sciency but it’s definitely worth taking the time to read.

So locking down where people are kept very close to one another for a long period of time is NOT the best way to avoid COVID. Who knew?


Children less likely to be infected.

Thank goodness.

Household was very high.

But sure, keep us all locked up in our homes.


Close and prolonged exposure is required.

The flu!

Did not have symptoms … that’s crazy.


What she said.

Most infections are not asymptomatic during infection.

That’s HUGE.

Totally fair.

We told you, this thread is definitely worth a read.

So …

In other words:

If you’re sick, stay home.

Wash your hands.

Protect the vulnerable.

You know, act like adults.



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