Another day, another bit of Deep State info comes out that makes us all scratch our heads and wonder WTF they’ve all really been up to. Long ago when we first started writing about what happened with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (seems like a lifetime ago), we shared a good many texts that were just unbelievably unprofessional and suspect. And now we’re seeing more ‘texts’ from the FBI couple about all of the ‘editing’ they did together on a document.

Thanks to Undercover Huber, as usual.

Wow, Lisa seems like a real peach to work with.

But then again Peter is no prize either.

What else indeed?

Now, the best thing about Undercover Huber is his willingness to update or even correct his information as he learns more, like why the ‘messages’ were actually not released to the public.

That’s just one of the reasons ‘he’s’ such a great resource.

But that still doesn’t explain why they wouldn’t have sent them to Flynn’s attorney …

Or to Congress.

Something seriously stinks here, but you guys already knew that.



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