S.E. Cupp seems to think human beings are somehow immortal as long as they stay in their homes and do as the government tells them.

Otherwise, her outrage and shock over Chris Christie admitting no matter how cautious America is while opening back up that people are going to die is just more annoying virtue signaling. Which she’s unfortunately gotten very good at since joining CNN.

New rule: Anyone still getting paid saying we have to keep people home and unemployed for their own good can start writing personal checks to those people losing everything ‘for the greater good.’

There ya’ go.

Helpers everywhere.

We are convinced there is something in the drinking water at CNN.


But that’s the game S.E. seems to want to play. This idea that we only must live within extreme rules is ridiculous. Yes, when we reopen the country people will die. Even if we leave the country shut, people will die.

We’re not immortal.

And it’s not the government’s job to keep us from dying.

There is risk in being free, but it’s worth it.

Easy to sit on your media throne and tell the little people who are not getting paid to suck it up.

Must be.



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