Meet Lacy Johnson.

Johnson is the Republican who the Minnesota GOP has endorsed and who will hopefully run against and ultimately beat Rep. Ilhan Omar …

President Trump tweeted his endorsement of Johnson and included a teensy bit about how much Omar sucks.

Ok, we’re playing it down, he pretty much torched her.

‘Omar is a disaster who wants much higher taxes, hates our military and our vets, demands open borders, and is fighting to take away our Second Amendment.’

But tell us how you REALLY feel, Mr. President.

As you can imagine, Omar lost it:

You know Trump laughed when he saw this from Ilhan.

And c’mon, she didn’t have to answer him so really, lecturing him about picking Twitter fights is hypocritical at best.

She really does.

And with good reason. Democrats have well and truly misplayed their hand over and over and over again since 2016.

Good times.



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