We’re seeing a bunch of talking heads (‘experts’) predicting WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE if and when we open the country based of course on the same model that got everything so wrong in the first place, the IHME. They keep saying the same crap over and over again, ‘While the model’s assumptions are unclear and estimates are uncertain,’ …

Well, then why the Hell would we use it to make any real decisions?!?!

Even Brit Hume has had enough of this BS:


What the absolute EFF, people?

These so-called experts are terrifying people who are already terrified and they need to knock it off.

But the MODEL!!!

Man, if we never ever hear the freakin’ word ‘model’ again it will be too damn soon.

Oh yeah, we hate that phrase too … new normal.

That sucks.

How about just ‘normal’?




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