You’d think by now they’d know Sean isn’t Sean, but nope.

The Sean Spicer parody, Sean Spicier, keeps going and going and going … thank goodness. When we made a promise to you, Dear Reader, several weeks back that we would share his tweets with you once a week until the lockdown ended we never thought we’d honestly be eight weeks into this, and yet here we are. And thankfully, Spicy is still making us all laugh. This week, Sean poked Democrats about the country reopening, Tara Reade and Joe Biden, and of course a little jab at Hillary.

It wouldn’t be Sean’s timeline without a dig at Hill-dawg.

Still obsessed with Sean Spicer being on DWTS … and dragging a parody with it.

If they’d only look for that shiny little blue checkmark.

Yes, Democrats are losers for wanting to lock Americans in their homes until the economy collapses so they can stand a chance in November. Sorry, loser isn’t strong enough … as*holes. Yeah, that works.

You tell him, Joshua!


You know the face you make when you’re pretty sure someone just made a really good joke but you’re not entirely sure if you’re in on it? Yeah, just made that face.


So this yahoo tagged Sean Spicer in his quote-tweet of the parody.

That’s a new one.


Truth hurts?

Blah blah blah, these anti-Spicier people need some new lines.



A Ph.D.

Because of course.

Same here, Sean.

Same here.



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