Bill Kristol decided to out-Bill Kristol himself today with a silly-a*s poll asking if Abraham Lincoln would be friendlier to Trump or his ridiculous Lincoln Project. At this time, the poll is almost neck-and-neck with his project inching Trump out by less than 2%, and with the way the Right is sharing his poll (that sounds dirty, sorry) we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Trump win this battle as well.

As a reminder of who and what the Lincoln Project really is:

Conserving conservatism is equitable.

Bill’s poll hasn’t ended yet and at the moment his silly little project exploiting Abraham Lincoln is beating Trump, but JUUUUUUST barely. That being said, the polls people posted in response to his poll (and wow, could we write the word ‘poll’ more times today?!) make this truly a backfire, even if he gets the result he wants.

Make sure and vote in all of them.


Hrm, tough choice.

Where is, ‘Duh’?

Take the L, Bill.



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