That Katie Hill was ever elected into any sort of office is absolutely an indication of how grossly awful the Democrat Party has become.

Yuck, we feel like we need to take a shower after ’embedding’ her tweets.

*spritzes Lysol*

Ok, that was mean.


Katie. Put your clothes on and then take so many seats.

She is like the uber-Karen who really has ZERO place lecturing others about their hygiene.

Just sayin’.

We’re pretty sure we know what’s sh*tty, Katie, and that’s the government completely shutting down states while their economies collapse.

That’s sh*tty.

Wearing a mask or not is a choice.

We thought these Lefties were all about choice.


Yeah, bye.


Maybe she should just stick to tweeting what she knows about.

Give us a second, we’ll come up with something.



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