Americans have been told time and time again to listen to the experts when it comes to COVID and the lockdown … just not all of the experts, apparently. Alex Berenson shared a fascinating video from the chief medical officer of Pennsylvania’s ‘huge and powerful’ UPMC medical system, Dr. Steven Shapiro, calling for an end to the lockdowns.


Hospital employees are being FURLOUGHED (and even laid off) because hospitals are sitting empty.

30 million + Americans going without a paycheck.

Schools closed for the school year.

Mental illness, domestic violence on the rise.

The solution is more dangerous and even deadlier than the damn problem.

Protect. The. Vulnerable.

Let the rest of us go BACK TO WORK.

End. The. Lockdowns.

Why is this so hard?!

*we know, we’re missing the all empowering clapping hands emoji with the periods, our bad*

Quiet you, we’re not supposed to talk about that.




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